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Pedro A. Ray
Pedro Ray
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IEEE PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award


Pedro A. Ray, IEEE President, 2010, is President of Ray Engineers, a professional services corporation. He served on the Boards of Directors of the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank (GDB), the Puerto Rico Housing Financing Administration and the Puerto Rico Infrastructure Financing Authority.


2010 IEEE President and CEO

Pedro A. Ray successfully completed the Harvard Business School OPM program, class of 2001. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Georgia Tech. He is a licensed professional engineer.

He is President of Ray Engineers, a professional services corporation with over 90 employees.

He is also Owner and President of various corporations dedicated to the development of commercial and residential real estate projects.

He was Chief Examiner in charge of revision to the Puerto Rico Electricity Pricing Structure (2000), and was named Puerto Rico’s Electrical Engineer of the Year 2000. He received the 2005 IEEE PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award.

Mr. Ray is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a group of 10,000 young leaders from around the world.

IEEE Activities – (S’83-M’83-SM’95) OFFICES: Board of Directors, 2009-10, 2006-07, 2003-04, 2000-01; ExCom, 2006-07, 2003-04; IEEE President, 2010; IEEE President-Elect, 2009; Treasurer, 2003-04; Regional Activities Board (RAB), Vice President, 2006-07.

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: Public Visibility AdHoc Committee, Member, 2007-08; Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB), Member, 2008; IEEE Executive Director Search AdHoc Committee, Member, 2008; RAB Treasurer/RAB Finance Committee, Chair, 2002; Finance Committee, Member, 2002-06; Investment Committee, Member, 2003-04; Infrastructure Oversight Committee, Member, 2005; Nominations and Appointments Committee, Member, 2002; Compensation Committee, Member, 2006-07, 2003; Employee Benefits Committee, Member, 2003-04; AdHoc Investment Committee, Member, 2003; AdHoc Financial Simplification Committee, Member, 2003; AdHoc Committee on the History Center, Member, 2006; Pricing Study for Electronic Products, Member, 2001; Transnational Committee, Member, 2000-01; Educational Activities Board, Member, 1999; Membership Development Committee, Member, 2000.

REGION: Region 9, Director, 2000-01; Director-Elect, 1998-99; Website Editor, 1997.

SECTION: Puerto Rico & Caribbean Section, Chair, 1995-96.

AWARD: IEEE PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award, 2005.