Ouyang Minggao



With systematic innovations in electrified powertrain technologies for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid EVs, and fuel-cell vehicles, Ouyang Minggao has made these evolving modes of transportation safer and more durable. Thermal runaway of batteries often causes serious safety accidents in electric vehicles. Minggao has revealed the thermal runway initiation and propagation mechanism and developed thermal runway mitigation techniques for battery system to make EVs safer, that has spurred the development of international safety standards. To cope with the performance degradation of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, he developed a fuel cell-battery hybrid powertrain with model-based energy management and degradation diagnosis system for a city bus that ran successfully during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. His innovations have been adopted by battery and automobile manufacturers worldwide.

An IEEE member, Minggao is a professor and director of the China-US Clean Vehicle Joint Research Center at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.