Olin J. Ferguson


Olin J. Ferguson
Olin J. Ferguson
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Olin J. Ferguson was born on November 21st, 1875 in Henry, IL, and moved with his family to Nebraska at the age of three. He graduated from high school in 1890 and enrolled at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he earned a degree in industrial engineering. After graduating, he became employed at General Electric where he worked under Charles Proteus Steinmetz, teaching with him at Union College. In 1912, Ferguson returned to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as electrical engineering department chair, and was appointed Dean of the College of Engineering in 1920, which he held 1945, where he returned to department chair until his retirement in 1949. Ferguson had authored and edited several engineering textbooks. Ferguson was a Fellow of the AIEE and served as a vice-president from 1928-29.