Nasser Bozorg-Grayeli

Nasser Bozorg-Grayeli
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Intel Corporation
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One of the most influential people in the electronics board and substrate industry, Nasser Bozorg-Grayeli’s contributions have been integral to driving down component package size while incorporating more features and functionalities, enabling thinner and lighter devices. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Bozorg-Grayeli developed Intel's first 6-inch wafer gold bumping and advance tape automated bonding packaging and manufacturing technology, which was an order of magnitude thinner than existing microprocessor packages. He led the industry’s transition of high-density packaging from ceramics to organics to reduce cost and continuously improve performance of products. He also was a champion of removing hazardous materials from packaging materials, making Intel the first company to eliminate lead in all its products.

Dr. Bozorg-Grayeli is vice president of technology and manufacturing and director of the Corporate Quality Network with Intel Corporation, Tempe, AZ, USA.