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Advocate Suggestions for Nomination

Lhogan (talkcontribs)

- It would be appropriate to include the docket number for this proposal (2008-20) and link to the proposal (

- It is important to have a concise but meaningful citation wording (suggestions to follow, but researching citations from other Milestones may spark ideas).

- It would be appropriate to attach/include information referenced in the previous version of the proposal (before the proposal was placed on the GHN).

- It is important to include permission from TI to put the plaque on the chosen sites, in the form of a signed letter.

Lhogan (talkcontribs)

 The signed letter of permission has been uploaded, and references are included in this version that were in the previous form.  The proposal docket number has not been included, but I don't think that is too important.

I think the citation can be much stronger.  All current milestones and their citations can be found here:  They can guide you.  A first crack by me (someone who is NOT familiar with the achievement beyond what is in the nomination and referred to in it) would be as follows...

"In 1981, Jimmy Naylor and the TI / Burr-Brown data converter design team designed the world's first monolithic 16-bit DAC, the PCM53/DAC700.  This unique single chip played a key role in transforming the music industry from analog audio tapes and Vinyl long Play Discs (LPs) into digital audio Compact Discs. This fundamental achievement resulted in digital audio overtaking analog audio spawning a new industry."

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