Marion A. Savage


Marion A. Savage
Marion A. Savage
Walterboro, SC, USA
Associated organizations
General Electric (GE)
Fields of study
Coffin Award, AIEE Lamme Medal


Marion A. Savage was born at Walterboro, SC on September 3, 1885 and received the degree of B.S. in electrical engineering at Clemson College in 1906. After graduation he obtained experience while employed by the General Electric Company as a student engineer in 11 different departments. In 1909 he was transferred to the turbine generator section of the a-c department and in 1923 he was placed in charge of this section. He became designing engineer of the department in 1931. A Coffin Award was bestowed on him in 1932, a portion of the award stating “Mr. Savage has shown outstanding ability in design and development of large steam driven generators. His designs have done much permit trebling of the size of turbines in a comparatively short time. This growth has resulted in resulted in problems and risks of increasing magnitude. The excellence of these generators and the freedom from complaints testify to the quality of the job that he has done.” He directed the development and novel engineering associated with the building of 28 large turbine generators which were cooled by means of hydrogen and was awarded numerous patents relating to the construction of turbine generators. The honorary degree of electrical engineer was conferred upon him by Clemson College. Remaining with the General Electric Company for most of his life, in 1938 Mr. Savage was awarded the Lamme Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE, now IEEE) “for able and original work in the development and improvement of mechanical construction and the efficiency of large, high-speed turbine generators.”