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Marcos Bergamo
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Dr. Marcos A. Bergamo created the fastest space communications system in existence when he designed the time division multiple access (TDMA) system and developed the high-data-rate ground terminals for the NASA Advanced Communications Technology Satellite(ACTS) in 1994. Dr. Bergamo,who is principal scientist at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, pioneered the network that was the precursor of such commercial satellite ventures as Boeing's Spaceway.The ACTS network operates at gigabit speeds to permit high-data-rate applications including aircraft engine modeling with remote supercomputers, distributed high-speed computing for global climate modeling, remote operation of the Keck telescope in Hawaii, and rapid remote medical diagnostics for the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Bergamo advanced the field of space engineering by developing a unique and cost-effective design that allowed multiple ground stations to access satellites at transmission speeds never before achieved. These ground stations were operated by BBN, NASA and various universities. His current work at BBN includes the design and development of advanced wireless technologies for terrestrial and space-based ad-hoc networks.

A Senior Member of the IEEE, Dr. Bergamo was elected in 1997 to the United States Space Technology Hall of Fame for innovations in satellite networking.