Lisa Su



A pioneering engineer in the semiconductor industry and a trusted leader, Lisa T. Su’s technical and business expertise has positioned Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at the forefront of high-performance computing, contributing to the growth of the semiconductor industry and fueling industries that rely on advanced computing systems to innovate their business. When Su became chief executive officer of AMD in 2014, she set a clear strategy to deliver leadership products to the high-performance PC, gaming, and data center markets. Early on she focused AMD on its core competency of building great high-performance computing solutions. Her three priorities were building great products, deepening customer relationships, and simplifying AMD’s business. To build great products, she refocused and streamlined R&D by changing AMD’s CPU core roadmap to focus on a scalable design (Zen) and a consistent cadence of new product introductions. She deepened customer relationships to make AMD the provider of choice to many of the industry’s biggest technology companies, such as a partnership that helped Microsoft expand from a gameconsole customer to include Microsoft Azure cloud services and Microsoft Surface computers. She simplified AMD’s business by revamping the company to align with the new strategy while ensuring the business could move as quickly as possible to address evolving customer and market needs. The successful execution of these priorities has resulted in tremendous economic impact. Other relationships fostered by Su include AMD joining the U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Cray to announce what is expected to be the first exascale-class U.S. supercomputer and a partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to use AMD processors to power El Capitan, which is projected to be the world’s most powerful supercomputer with peak performance expected to exceed 2 exaFLOPS. While with IBM, Su was instrumental in the IBM-Sony-Toshiba alliance that led to the CELL microprocessor and its key role in the Sony PlayStation 3.

An IEEE Fellow and member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Su is president and chief executive officer of AMD, Austin, Texas, USA.