Linos J. Jacovides


Linos J. Jacovides
Fields of study
IEEE Transportation Technologies Award


A driving force in automotive electrical systems, Linos J. Jacovides’ visionary development of electric drives and systems has set the foundation for the technologies that power today’s electric and hybrid vehicles. Among Dr. Jacovides’ essential innovations that span over 40 years was the development a 4,000-horsepower induction motor drive for locomotives. He and his team also introduced automotive electronic systems, including exhaust oxygen sensors, micromechanical accelerometers, fuel injectors, electric power steering, and permanent magnet motors for propulsion and accessories. The design tools he developed during the 1970s are still in use for producing drives for today’s electric/hybrid vehicles. Since retiring as director of Delphi Research Labs in 2007, Dr. Jacovides has participated in several National Academies studies on fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicles.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Jacovides lives in Grosse Pointe, MI, USA. Jacovides was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Transportation Technologies Award.