Jon Crowcroft

Jon Crowcroft
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IEEE Internet Award


Jon Crowcroft has been one of the most influential forces on the growth of the Internet. With early contributions to transport protocols (TCPs) for reliably sending data from one network device to another and TCP congestion-avoidance techniques, Dr. Crowcroft is best known for his work during the late 1980s on Internet protocol (IP) multicast. IP multicast enables sending data to multiple interested receivers with a single transmission, and his ideas have become the centerpiece for modern multicast routing. He has also been a champion of opportunistic networks, which provide a more flexible means of connectivity for remote/rural areas, where information is transferred using a combination of remote and fixed networking nodes compared to traditional fixed network infrastructures.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Crowcroft is the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems at the University of Cambridge, U.K. Crowcroft was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Internet Award.