James G. Fujimoto

James G. Fujimoto
Fields of study
Medical imaging, Photonics
IEEE Photonics Award


Considered the father of optical coherence tomography (OCT), James G. Fujimoto has provided the medical industry with a powerful imaging tool for diagnosis and monitoring treatment response in ophthalmology as well as intravascular and endoscopic imaging. Dr. Fujimoto’s group and collaborators are credited with the invention and development of OCT. His group has made many advances in OCT technologies including photonic sources, systems, medical devices, and signal processing. Working in collaboration with leading physicians, they performed the first studies demonstrating many of the technology’s medical imaging applications. Dr. Fujimoto was co-founder of startup companies that lead to the commercialization of OCT in ophthalmology and intravascular imaging. OCT has become the standard of care in diagnostic ophthalmology worldwide and is an emerging imaging modality in interventional cardiology as well as endoscopy. Dr. Fujimoto is a member of the National Academy of Science, National Academy of Engineering, and American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Fujimoto is the Elihu Thomson Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA. Fujimoto was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Photonics Award.