IEEE Quetta Subsection History


IEEE Quetta Subsection History
Established date 2020/02/15
IEEE Region 10
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IEEE section Karachi
Geographic region Quetta
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The IEEE Quetta Subsection is located in IEEE Region 10 named as IEEE Asia-Pacific Region. It was formed as Sub-Section on 15 February 2020 by the efforts of Dr. Bushra Naeem [Chair, IEEE WIE AG Karachi Chapter] and with the support of IEEE Karachi Section.

The IEEE Karachi Section is located in IEEE Region 10 named as IEEE Asia-Pacific Region. It was formed as Sub-Section on 22 May 1978, and later on upgraded to Section on 17 July 1982. It is one of the three Sections in Pakistan - Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Pakistan also have 5 Subsections IEEE Peshawar Subsection, IEEE Faisalbad Subsection, IEEE Bahawalpur Subsection, IEEE Quetta Subsection and IEEE Sukkur Subsection as well. IEEE Karachi Section is located in the Southern part of Pakistan and comprises of two Provinces namely, Sindh and Balochistan. 

The IEEE Karachi Section have two Subsections - One at Quetta as IEEE Quetta Subsection and other at Sukkur as IEEE Sukkur Subsection. Also, IEEE Karachi Section have Chapters of Computer Society, Communications Society, Power and Energy Society and two Joint Chapters of Control Society and RAS with IEEE Lahore Section and IEEE Islamabad Section and Affinity Group of Young Professionals previously known as Affinity Group of IEEE GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade). IEEE Karachi Section have 80+ student entities' which includes 40 IEEE Student Branches, 5 IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups, 30+ IEEE Student Society Chapters in the cities of Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Khairpur, and Quetta.

In 2022, the section was in its 40th year of working.  Section's anniversary was on July 17, 2022 (40 Years Old).  During these so many years, Section has seen many ups and downs. The IEEE Karachi Section was very active till December 2004 and then reactivated in May 2008 under the leadership of S. Imranul Haque, Chair, IEEE Karachi Section. The IEEE Karachi Section have organized and participated in several national and international events both at Student and Professional levels, which includes conferences, summit, seminars, exhibitions, congresses, poster competitions, website competitions, project exhibitions, and workshops.


IEEE Karachi Section got three prestigeous awards in 2009 - R10 Larry K. Wilson Award and Richard E. Merwin Scholarship were achieved by Ravendar Lal, Student Volunteer of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi Campus. Won Bronze Honours in Green Technology - an Innovative Idea Competition sponsored by IEEE Singapore Section Power and Energy Society Chapter in IEEE 125th Anniversary Asia-Pacific Congress at Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore from 16th–19th July ‘09. The team comprises of student volunteers from Bangladesh, China, India, Korea, and Pakistan. The team lead by Saqib Munawwar, who was also the First Section Student Representative of IEEE Karachi Section and Student Volunteer of HIIT, Hamdard University, Karachi.

IEEE Karachi Section volunteer Mr. Ahsan Saeed got selected as a 2014 recipient of the Global MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award for exemplary contributions to IEEE Young Professionals in Region 10 and for continuous support to the IEEE Academic project. This is a very prestigious award which he got for the outstanding contributions he have made to numerous IEEE activities and the example he set in carrying forward the goals and objectives of the IEEE MGA Board.

IEEE Karachi Section get the 2016 Outstanding Section Membership Recruitment and Retention Award. Also, in 2018 IEEE Karachi Section is celebrating 50th Anniversary of IEEE Lahore Section as "50 Years of IEEE activities in Pakistan".

IEEE Student Entities

IEEE Quetta Subsection have following Student Entities. These include:

  1. IEEE BUITEMS Student Branch, Quetta (May 14, 2009)
  2. IEEE BUITEMS WIE Student AG, Quetta (August 05, 2009)

IEEE Quetta Subsection Office Bearers

The office bearers of IEEE Quetta Subsection for 2023 are:

Faisal Khan, PhD - Chair

Bushra Naeem, PhD - Vice Chair

Zain Nadeem - Secretary

Muhammad Shoaib Ali - Treasurer

Muhammad Nadeem, PhD - Student Activities Coordinator

Regular Events 

IEEE Karachi Section organized following regular events (year-by-year) in relation with Industry and Academia:

  • IEEE INMIC - International Multitopic Conference
  1. INMIC 2002 - KIIT
  2. INMIC 2005 - FAST-NU
  3. INMIC 2008 - Bahria University
  4. INMIC 2011 - SSUET
  5. INMIC 2014 - Bahria University
  6. INMIC 2018 - HIET, Hamdard University 
  • IEEE SCONEST - Student Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technology
  1. SCONEST 2003 - HIIT, Hamdard University 
  2. SCONEST 2004 - JUW and PAF-KIET
  3. SCONEST 2005 - NEDUET
  4. SCONEST 2011 - MUET, Jamshoro
  5. SCONEST 2014 - Isra University, Hyderabad
  6. SCONEST 2016 - HIET, Hamdard University 
  • IEEE PSGWC - Pakistan Student/GOLD/WIE Congress
  1. PSC 2007 - FAST-NU
  2. PSC 2010 - UIT
  3. PSGWC 2013 - MUET, Jamshoro
  4. PSYWC 2016 - FAST-NU
  • IEEE KSSC - Karachi Section Student Congress
  1. KSSC 2008 - PNEC
  2. KSSC 2012 - PNEC
  3. KSSC 2014 - Indus University
  4. KSYWC 2015 - Regent Plaza
  5. KSYWC 2017 - Usman Institute of Technology
  • IEEE ICIET - International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies organized by FAST-NU (2007 and 2010)
  • IEEE IC4 - International Conference on and Communication organized by PNEC (2007, 2009 and 2013)
  • IEEE ICICT - International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies organized by IBA (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017)
  • ICE CUBE - International conference on Computing, Electronic and Electrical Engineering organized by BUITEMS, Quetta (2016 and 2018)
  • ICIEECT - International Conference on Innovations and in Electrical Engineering and Computational Technologies organized by Indus University in 2017
  • INTELLECT - International Conference on Latest Trends in Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies organized by PAF-KIET in 2017
  • iCoMET - International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies organized by Sukkur IBA University in 2018
  • IEEE e-Indus organized by IEEE IIEE SB (Since 2000)

Subsection Volunteers

IEEE Quetta Subsection likes to appreciate the services of IEEE volunteers for their contributions towards the working of effective team.  These volunteers includes:

Bushra Naeem, Faisal Khan, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Shoaib Ali and Zain Nadeem

Subsection Officers

IEEE Quetta Subsection Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2020 Faisal Khan Bushra Naeem Zain Nadeem Muhammad Shoaib Ali
2021 Faisal Khan Bushra Naeem Zain Nadeem Muhammad Shoaib Ali
2022 Faisal Khan Bushra Naeem Zain Nadeem Muhammad Shoaib Ali
2023 Faisal Khan Bushra Naeem Zain Nadeem Muhammad Shoaib Ali

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