IEEE New Hampshire Section History


IEEE New Hampshire Section History
Established date 1953-09-03
IEEE Region 1
IEEE Council
Geographic region New Hampshire
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The New Hampshire Section is located in Region 1.

Chapters and Affinity groups

In May 2009, the New Hampshire Section establishes a Life Member Affinity Group.


  • 2012 - MGA GOLD Achievement Award to Jennifer M. Schelly (R1), New Hampshire Section; For outstanding leadership and substantial contributions to the IEEE New Hampshire Section Joint WIE/GOLD Affinity Group and Region 1 GOLD activities.

Archival Documents

IEEE New Hampshire Section Officers

New Hampshire Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Dean Bacon Robert Geoffroy Madeleine Lowe Clifford Lundin
2002 Robert Geoffroy Madeleine Lowe Dean Bacon
2003 Robert Geoffroy Chuck Button Madeleine Lowe Dean Bacon
2004 Robert Geoffroy Chuck Button Madeleine Lowe Dean Bacon
2005 Chuck Button Thomas Perkins Madeleine Lowe Dean Bacon
2006 Thomas Perkins Chuck Button Dean Bacon
2007 Thomas Perkins Jennifer Ng-Ain-Kin Celine Bilodeau Donald Sherwood
2008 James Anderson Kenric Nelson Celine Bilodeau Donald Sherwood
2009 James Anderson Eric Burger Donald Sherwood Charles Worster
2010 Donald Sherwood Nita Patel Jennifer Schelly Jason Hui
2011 Donald Sherwood Jennifer Schelly Nita Patel Jason Hui
2012 Jason Hui Nita Patel James Henderson James Anderson
2013 Jason Hui Nita Patel James Henderson James Anderson
2014 James Henderson Edward Nelson Ayse Kalkan-Savoy James Isaak
2015 James Henderson Edward Nelson Katherine Reagan James Isaak
2016 Edward Nelson Mary Brzezenski Katherine Reagan Dong Xu
2017 Edward Nelson Katherine Reagan Mary Brzezenski Scott Blackstone
2018 Katherine Reagan Hayley Feyh Mary Brzezenski Scott Blackstone
2019 Katherine Reagan James Isaak Mary Brzezenski Scott Blackstone
2020 James Isaak Katherine Reagan Hayley Feyh John Arico
2021 James Isaak Katherine Reagan John Arico