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The IEEE Student Branch at the Missouri University of Science and Technology was established 13 March 1925 to serve students in the Electrical Engineering Department, but now welcomes students in all IEEE Fields. At that time it was a branch of IEEE's parent organization AIEE and the school was known as the Missouri School of Mines and Metalurgy (MSM). The institution name later became the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) and is currently the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). A list of the current officers with contact information and a description of the current activities of the Student Branch are to be found on its website.

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IEEE Student Branch Officers
Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2018-2019 Katelyn Brinker Anna Case Nina Woodroof Eric Walter
2017-2018 Sarah Holloway Sarah Holloway Joe Studer Richard Cox
2016-2017 Katelyn Brinker Ian Roberts Joshua Hansen Gabriel Krukowski
2015-2016 Leann Krieger Jacob Self Andrew Castillo Adam Schafer
2013 Jon Kimbel Joe Burzinski Devin Cornell Mason Vrobel
MSM Charter Certificate as an IEEE Student Branch in 1963
MSM Charter Certificate as an AIEE Student Branch in 1925

The two parent organizations of IEEE, American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) merged in 1963. MSM's chapter of AIEE was first announced on campus in the Missouri Miner on December 15, 1924. The first formal meeting was held in 1925 and Israel Lovett was the first faculty advisor of the student branch. Times were different then and students with Sophomore or higher standing were expected to belong to the AIEE student branch. There were 37 charter members of AIEE listed in the 1925 Rollamo yearbook, two faculty members and 35 students. One student in particular, Richard Koopman, went on to receive a PhD in EE from University of Missouri (the first such degree granted), was Chairman of the St. Louis Section of AIEE in 1957, and Chairman of the EE Department of Washington University in St. Louis from 1949-1964. The following table lists AIEE branch officers. The data are from The Rollamo student yearbooks.

AIEE Branch Officers
Year Chairman Secretary-Treasurer
1948 ? ?
1926 W. J. Moulder R. P. Baumgartner
1925 T. C. Adcock J. D. Benhke

A chapter of the other IEEE parent organization, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was formed on the MSM campus during the 1948-49 school year. From the beginning, AIEE and the IRE student branch operated as a joint campus organization, one of the first such, and foreshadowing their eventual merger to become IEEE. Officers were elected each semester as they are now and consisted of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and two Secretaries, one for AIEE and one for IRE. The following table lists the officers of the joint AIEE-IRE student branch at MSM.

AIEE-IRE Joint Student Branch Officers
Year/Semester Chairman Vice Chair Treasurer AIEE Secretary IRE Secretary
1962S ? ? ? ? ?
1962F ? ? ? ? ?
1950S ? ? ? ? ?
1949F ? ? ? ? ?
1949S J.L.Sarzin G.D.Holmes L.Spanberger R.Poppitz E.Hughes
1948F J.D.Kelly J.L.Sarzin W.A.Drago J.Stadelhofer x

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