Oral-History:IEEE Merger


IEEE Merger Oral Histories

The interviews listed below were conducted by George Sell in 1979 for his research on the history of the merger of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers to form IEEE.

John Douglas Ryder - Served as the head of the electrical engineering department at the University of Illinois and as the Dean of Michigan State University. He was also the IRE president in 1955 and was the first editor of Spectrum.

Benjaman Teare - Electrical Engineer who worked at GE, Yale University, and as the head of the electrical engineering graduate program at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was actively involved in AIEE and was crucial to the merger.

Ronald McFarlan - Began in academia, where he worked on the effects of X-rays on crystals, and later moved to the private sector, where he worked at United Drug, BB Chemical Co., Bulova Watch Co., and Raytheon. He later became president of IRE.

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