IEEE History Committee History


The mission of the IEEE History Committee is to preserve, research and promote the history of engineering, computer sciences and information technology, biological and medical sciences, mathematics;, physical sciences, technical communications, education, management, law and policy. The Committee does this in large part through its oversight and guidance of the IEEE History Center.  IEEE established the IEEE History Center in 1980, in anticipation of its Centennial celebration in 1984. In 1990, the Center moved to the campus of Rutgers University, which became a cosponsor, and in 2014, the Center moved to Stevens Institute of Technology. The Center maintains many useful resources for the engineer, for the historian of technology, and for anyone interested in the development of electrical and computer engineering and their role in modern society.

The IEEE History Committee has non-voting corresponding members who are: the history activities coordinators of various IEEE organizational units, past History Committee members, milestone proposers, historians at sister society and heritage organizations, museum curators, and archivists. Roles of corresponding members

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