Hugh Rudnick


Hugh Rudnick
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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Hugh Rudnick has worked at all levels within IEEE to improve the value of IEEE membership and extend the benefits of technology throughout the world. His work has especially benefitted members in IEEE Region 9 (Latin America and the Caribbean). He began to make an impact as president of the IEEE Chile Section in 1982, when membership doubled and the Section’s first technical chapters were founded (Computer Chapter and Power Engineering Chapter). As director of Region 9 (2002–2003), Dr. Rudnick instituted a Spanish/Portuguese electronic technical publication that became a recognized periodical indexed by the ISI Web of Knowledge. Besides creating regional technical products, he also established a regional robotics competition that attracts international participants. An expert on electric power systems and power deregulation, Dr. Rudnick, member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), instituted his vision for a “global PES” while serving on the Society’s governing board (1996–2003). With his support, PES held its first annual general meetings outside of North America. As a PES Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Rudnick has traveled extensively to local IEEE Chapters worldwide to deliver technology updates and strengthen the bond between Chapters and the Society. He has also made important contributions to IEEE Power and Energy Magazine as a member of its editorial board.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Rudnick is currently a professor with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago, where he has worked since 1974.