Hiroyoshi Komiya


Hiroyoshi Komiya
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IEEE Third Millennium Medal


A long-time pioneer in the field of semiconductor research and development, Dr. Hiroyoshi Komiya has played a critical role in building the basic technology of the semiconductor industry worldwide. He is an international leader in developing ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) technology and its standards including 300mm technology, ArF and EB lithography. As both chairman of the Asia Task Force of the Silicon Wafer Summit and executive vice president and chief operating officer of Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies, Inc. in Tsukuba, Japan, Dr. Komiya drove key decisions about next generation wafer size and global collaboration strategies for the transition. Dr. Komiya subsequently led cooperative research and development expected to make a significant contribution to the progress of semiconductor technology in the sub-100nm range.

An IEEE Fellow and a recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, he has served on the executive committee of the IEEE Tokyo Section.