IEEE Tokyo Section History


IEEE Tokyo Section History
Established date 1955/12/05
IEEE Region 10
IEEE Council Japan
Geographic region Tokyo
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(September, 2016)


The IEEE Tokyo Section is one of the geographical units of IEEE, the world's largest technical professional society. Through the great efforts of Dr. Fumio Minozuma, a local section of the Institute of Radio Engineers was organized in 1955 in Japan as the IRE Tokyo Section. In 1963, IRE and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) merged to form the IEEE. Accordingly, the IRE Tokyo Section became the IEEE Tokyo Section. Initially, it started with a membership of 50 and has grown annually to about 10,000 in 1998. Use of "Tokyo" in the name and not "Japan" came from the IEEE's traditional use of a city name in a Section name. However, in 1998, it was decided that the Tokyo Section should be split into eight Sections to further develop IEEE activities and promote member services and membership development in local region in Japan. In November 1998, a petition for the formation of seven new Sections was officially approved by IEEE Headquarters. Under the reorganization, the new Tokyo Section became one of eight Sections in Japan. Furthermore, Tokyo Section was divided into Tokyo Section and Sin-etsu Section in 2006. (In Japan there are nine Sections) In June 1999, the eight Sections agreed to establish the IEEE Japan Council for the purpose of providing a centralized coordination of all Sections in Japan. ( The Tokyo Section was the parent Section of 35 Chapters until 1998. Then, the Chapters were placed under the Japan Council as a temporary measure until efforts to form new Chapters under the current Sections bear fruit. You can see a list of Japan Chapters and their activities at Tokyo Section is managed by the Section Executive Committee, or ExCom. ExCom meetings are generally held four times a year. In addition, the Tokyo Section now has eight Standing Committees (Chapter Operation, Fellow Nomination, Membership Development, Nominations, Technical Program, Publication, Student Activities, History) and two Affinity Groups (Life Member, Young Professionals) to promote Section activities. The Section also holds an Annual General Assembly. The General Assembly features a report on the Section activities of the previous year and the budgeting of operational funds for the next year, the presentation of Fellow certificates, a special lecture by an IEEE award recipient, as well as a party for members. The Tokyo Section Publications Committee released the first issue of a Section newsletter called the "IEEE Tokyo Bulletin" on May 31, 2000 as a new means of communication for its members. Since then, the Bulletin has regularly been published on the IEEE Tokyo Section's home page. ( The Tokyo Section's other activities include holding lectures by inviting well-known scientists and engineers from around the world, supporting Fellow nominations, supporting IEEE Milestones and assisting students with their activities through the IEEE Student Branches.

Section Officers

Tokyo Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Yoichi Kaya Shigehiko Suzuki Keiichi Koyanagi Yoichi Hori
2002 Yoichi Kaya Shigehiko Suzuki Keiichi Koyanagi Yoichi Hori
2003 Yasuhiko Yasuda Hitomi Murakami Yuichi Matsushima Kaoru Sezaki
2004 Yasuhiko Yasuda Hitomi Murakami Yuichi Matsushima Kaoru Sezaki
2005/2006 Fumio Harashima Ryosuke Hata Hideki Hayashi Hideki Hashimoto
2007/2008 Toshiharu Aoki Ichiro Tai Tsutomu Sugawara Hideki Hashimoto
2009/2010 Hideki Imai Junzo Kawakami Makoto Hanawa Ryuji Kohno
2011/2012 Tomonori Aoyama Hirohisa Gambe Yoshihiro Arimoto Ryuji Kohno
2013/2014 Toshitaka Tsuda Kazuo Kyuma Isamu Chiba Seishi Takamura
2015/2016 Kazuo Hagimoto Katsumi Emura Hidenobu Harasaki Hiroki Fujishiro
2017 Iwao Sasase Yoshiaki Sato Toshihiko Sugie Yukitoshi Sanada
2018 Iwao Sasase Yoshiaki Sato Toshihiko Sugie Yukitoshi Sanada
2019 Hideyuki Tokuda Masashi Usami Yasuhiro Takishima Hiromasa Habuchi
2020 Hideyuki Tokuda Masashi Usami Yasuhiro Takishima Hiromasa Habuchi
2021 Yoshiaki Nakano Masahiro Kobayashi Masayuki Shigematsu Fumiaki Maehara

Milestone Events and Other Notes

Outline of Tokyo Section History
Year Event Membership
1955 IRE Tokyo Section Created 50
1956 First General Assembly 72
1958 First Chapter (MTT) 222
1963 IEEE Tokyo Section 573
1975 Support System by Companies 1,915
1996 Section Assessment 9,186
1997 Independent Office start 9,454
1998 Eight Section born 10,010
1999 Japan Council Established 10,375
2005 Fifty Years Anniversary 12,703
2006 Shin-etsu Section born 7,580
2008 GOLD Affinity Group formed 7,630
2010 Life Member Affinity Group formed 7,865
2013 Chapter sift JC to Tokyo Section 7,911
2014 History Committee formed 7,849

Establishment of Tokyo Section and Chapters (1955-74)

1. IRE Tokyo Section Established in December 1955. First Chair H. Yagi, Vice Chair Y. Niwa, Secretary F. Minozuma. Renamed to IEEE Tokyp Section in 1963.

2. Organization of Section Chapters: MTT 1958; PE 1964; C 1967; EMD 1970; ED, CAS, & BTR 1971.

3. Publication of "Densai Tokyo" from teh First Issue in 1959 to Last Inssue (no. 33) in 1994

4. International Conferences held in Japan: ICMCI 1964 (on microwave, cc't & inf. theory), INTERMAG 1972

Establishment of Supporting System and Sound Financial Basis (1975-1997)

1. Key Companies held Section Office alternately; Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, NEC, NTT, KDD, Sumitomo7

2. Section Assessment to make sound financial basis; Independent Office opened with member service improvement

3. International Conferences held more frequently: IECON 1984, ICASSP 1986, IROS 1988, Asia Pacific Year 1994 Symposium

Start of Eight Sections and New Activities (1998-2005)

1. Division of Tokyo Section into Eight Sections: Start of Ad hoc Comm. 1998/2. Approval of IEEE HQ 1998/10. Sapporo (Hokkaido), Sendai (Tohoku), Tokyo (Kanto & Koshinetsu), Nagaya (tokai & Hokuriku), Kansai, Hiroshima (Chugaku), Shikoku, Fukuoka (Kyushu, Okinawa)

2. In 1999 Japan Council was established: Sections are main players, Japan Council supports and coordinates.

3. Operation of Chapters: As a transitional step, Chapters were placed under Japan Council and sequentially Chapters are supposed to belong under Sections.

4. Publication of “IEEE Tokyo Bulletin” : In 2000 it started and was published 5 or 6 times a year.

5. In 2003 Tokyo Section set up an agreement to be sister Sections with the Boston Section.

Recent 10 years: Expansion and Enhancement of Activities (2006-2015)

1. Tokyo Section was divided into Tokyo Section and Sin-etsu Section in 2006.

2. GOLD Affinity Group is formed in 2008. Life Member Affinity Group is formed in 2010.

3. History Committee is formed as Standing Committee in 2014.

Archival documents

IEEE Tokyo Section Report

IEEE Tokyo Section 50th Anniversary Pamphlet, 2006

IEEE Tokyo Section 60th Anniversary Pamphlet, 2016

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