Harold L. Flescher


Harold L. Flescher
Harold L. Flescher
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Raytheon, IEEE
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As a volunteer serving IEEE for over 40 years, Harold L. Flescher has played a major role in proposing integral changes to benefit the IEEE and its Technical Activities Board (TAB). Mr. Flescher’s involvement with TAB finances gave him the experience and knowledge to play a major role in understanding the existing financial structure, identifying its flaws and developing a series of reorganizations that established a much more rational, transparent and sustainable system. In particular, he led the drive to implement a better budgeting process for TAB and IEEE. He created an allocation process that defines adequate fiscal resources for all of the entities of IEEE and for changing a volunteer committee to better oversee these expenditures. His vision and firm negotiating style helped in getting these changes approved by TAB and were instrumental in improving the financial health of IEEE’s technical activities.

An IEEE Fellow, he has been an active IEEE volunteer and he is currently an IEEE Director and Vice President of Technical Activities for IEEE, and he has been involved as a member of the TAB Finance Committee since 1992, serving as TAB treasurer twice during this period. His technical specialty is research, development and manufacturing of electronic systems hardened to the effects of space and nuclear weapons radiation. He worked for Raytheon Company from 1966 to 2001 and is currently a consultant in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, for companies with large, high-value, tightly scheduled projects involving complex engineering content.