H. Troy Nagle


H. Troy Nagle
H. Troy Nagle
Associated organizations
North Carolina State University
Fields of study
Biomedical engineering


H. Troy Nagle, IEEE President, 1994, is a professor of biomedical engineering at North Carolina State University, and he also serves as the head of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the university.


Dr. H. Troy Nagle earned his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in 1964 and 1966, respectively. His education continued with a Ph.D from Auburn University that was awarded in 1968, and a 1981 M.D. from University of Miami.

Nagle is a professor at North Carolina State University. He serves as head of the Biomedical Engineering Department. Professor Nagle focuses his research on biomedical sensors and medical devices and in recent years has been active in research projects in electronic olfaction.

Nagle was made a fellow of the IEEE in 1983. He was IEEE president in 1994.

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