Giorgio Baccarani

Giorgio Baccarani
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University of Bologna
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A world-renowned expert on semiconductor device physics and modeling, Giorgio Baccarani’s contributions to scaling theory have been pivotal to the continued miniaturization of electronic devices from micrometer to nanometer scales. Baccarani’s generalized scaling theory published in 1984 has provided the theoretical foundations to help engineers understand earlier scaling rules for electronic components. He has provided the tools needed to predict, interpret, and understand the characteristics of miniaturized MOS transistors. Baccarani provided one of the first transistor models where surface potential is accurately calculated using an iterative procedure. This work is considered the forerunner of today’s PSP (Penn State Philips) model for simulating behavior of future MOS transistors. He also developed physical models for numerical device simulation that have been incorporated into commercial technology computer-aided design (TCAD) tools for modeling semiconductor fabrication. Baccarani also created numerical modeling techniques of electron devices in two and three dimensions. An IEEE Life Fellow, Baccarani is a professor with the University of Bologna, Italy.