George E. Emmons


George E. Emmons
George E. Emmons
Westchester, CT, USA
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General Electric (GE)


George E. Emmons was born on September 9th, 1857 in Westchester, CT, where he attended public school and worked at a grocery store. After saving enough money, he attempted to start a grocery business in South Bend, IN, which was not successful. After this venture, Emmons returned to Connecticut, where he became employed by the American Electric Company at New Britain, and became acquainted with Elihu Thomson and Edwin Rice.

At the time, the company was small, employing about thirty people, and Emmons left as he felt there was no room for advancement. In 1886, he returned to the Thomson-Houston Electric Company at Lynn, MA.

By 1893, Emmons was promoted to manager of the General Electric's Lynn works, and was transferred to Schenectady in 1894 as assistant manager, being promoted to manager in 1895, a position which he held for the next twenty five years. In 1913, he became chairman of General Electric's manufacturing committee, and vice president of manufacturing in 1916. He retired in 1924, and moved to Pasedena, CA.

In his retirement, he was a life member of the Laguna Beach Art Association, and was president in 1937. Emmons died on July 1st, 1938.