Frank de Jager

Frank de Jager
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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IEEE Award in International Communication


Frank de Jager was born in Amsterdam in 1919. He went to high school in Amersfoort and enrolled at Delft Technology University in 1938. His studies were foricbly interrupted by World War II and he was graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1948 when he joined the Philips Research Laboraties in Eindhoven and was assigned to the Telecommunications department.

With Johannes A. Greefkes, he collaborated in the field of signal processing for speech transmission led, inter alia, to their joint receipt of the Veder Award in 1958 for their work on the narrow-band transmission of speech with low signal-to-noise ratios (Frena system). Their other joint work has included a valuable contribution to the invention of delta modulation and the development of a digitally controlled form of the latter (DCDM), a special feature of which is syllabically controlled compansion, and which was employed on an increasing scale.

De Jager was a Senior Member of the IEEE, a Vice-president of the Netherlands Society of Radio and Electronics Engineers.