First-Hand:Recollections of My Career


Recollections of Career

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Submitted by Sasson Toeg

I remember back in May 1960, just before graduation from UCLA, I received a call telling me about the benefits that the American Engineering Institute provide.At that time I was planing to return to Israel , but some convincing factors made me change my plan, join the workforce and the Institute. Since then, my main work included: Radar systems, Microwave and Electronic control systems. Recently, I am attempting to improve the Electrical energy production using a Wind/Turbine concept, where for a fixed Pole numbers and flux strength, Volume, Size, Weight, narrow Height Structure and for low RPM from the wind ( speeds), One can achieve some level close to doubling the power output.

Prior to organizing Sassonics Industries Inc, I worked as a Manager of the Advanced Development Laboratory of Electronic Specialty Company heading the Microwave, Electronic, Mechanical and Antenna design groups. Among the various company’s initiated programs, was a need to demonstrate the feasibility of a solid state high power white noise generator that can replace the Chaff deployment during certain air combat. The design of the white spectrum noise covered number of frequency bands. Another assignment was to find a practical solution to combine the EM multi-mode propagation property of the Tacan Antenna System electronically, instead of the mechanical approach used. I introduced a new concept called the “ Radial Directional Coupler ” ( RADC-TR-67-393) that can be used to combine and scan the EM Modes, in double radial cavities, coupled by slotted radial rings spaced in a configuration that form an electronically uni-directional EM radiation pattern.

Other work completed includes: Ground Based Multi-Object Trajectory Measuring System, Elint receivers, Wide Frequency Bands Spiral Antennas and software associated with the Barker code sequences and their fractional values in Radar systems.

Earlier works include the weather Radar group at RCA the AVQ-45. It was designed for low cost, with a range of 60 Nautical Miles at X band.

At Korad Laser Systems (Hadron, Inc.) I was an Engineering VP responsible for the Laser applications. With my introduction of a new Q-switching device, significant system improvements were obtained for Welding, Drilling, Marking and Micro-machining systems.

At Quantum Engineering - I assembled an Electromagnetic Induction Detector for mine detection . At Giannini Control - I Supervised CdS Crystal growth.

As an Independent Contractor, Employee and/or Associate Engineer worked on: Systems, Equipments and Software, using Microsoft C++, Visual Basic and MATLAB Network Analysis.

Sassonics Industries Patents:

  • Electromagnet access control 06/646626-Patent #4682801
  • Method and Apparatus-Detecting Measuring Intrusion 06/921327

In closing, I want to again thank you for this honor and let you know that I will continue to contribute to the electronic industry as long as I can.