First-Hand:Gustav Bliesner: Coordinator, Portland Section


Submitted by Gustav "Gus" Henry Bliesner

My first thoughts for a career were in rural electrification, as electricity should save labor, especially on the farmstead. My maternal grandmother, Anna Rosalie Irmer Stecks, said that I'd be the "doctor" in the family. Ed Clanton's dad, who was an M.D., used to talk about careers in medicine, in addition to doctoring us for childhood diseases. (Back then, the medical profession wasn't practicing vaccination.) Other professions or vocations I was encouraged to consider were the Lutheran ministry, professor and farmer.

I entered Washington State College (WSC) in the fall semester of 1928. I graduated with a BSEE degree June 5, 1933. Fortunately, I made the honor roll five of my nine undergraduate semesters and qualified to enter WSC's graduate school. I made both of the engineering honoraries, Sigma Tau and Tau Beta Pi. I took my MS degree June 11, 1934 and professional Engineering (PE) degree June 5, 1939.

I was appointed to the position of Continuing Education Coordinator by IEEE National Manager, Vincent "Vince" J. Gardina, May 23, 1976. Vince's office was in the Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, New Jersey. Portland Section's educational chairman, IEEE Fellow Stig Annestrand, selected me as the Sections Coordinator. Stig served as Manager of EPA's branch of Laboratories, Vancouver, Washington, from 1972 through 1980. Our various lecturers included Messrs. Blackburn and Buckley and Dr. Eccles in 1977-79.