Eugene Chapin Whitney

Eugene Chapin Whitney
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Westinghouse Electric Company
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IEEE Nikola Tesla Award


Eugene Whitney graduated from the University of Michigan with honors in electrical engineering in 1935, worked briefly at the Westinghouse Electric Apparatus Repair in Detroit, then transferred to Westinghouse East Pittsburgh Works.

From the test floor, he moved quickly to an engineering position, eventually becoming manager of engineering for large motors and waterwheel generators.

He designed the 167,000 kVA waterwheel generators installed at Niagara Falls in 1963 and he designed the 600,000 kVA hydro machines at Grand Coulee Dam.

During his lifelong career at Westinghouse, he was responsible for the design of over 100 major hydro projects, mostly in the U.S.

After his retirement from Westinghouse, he continued as a world renowned consultant in his field.

Mr. Whitney was awarded the IEEE Nikola Tesla Award in 1985, and was a Life Fellow of the IEEE. One of his favorite activities was touring dam projects.

Whitney died on March 22nd, 1998.

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