Eric W. Strid



The microwave-frequency wafer-probing technologies developed by Eric. W. Strid and K. Reed Gleason during the 1980s and 1990s transformed how high-frequency electronics are tested and continue to fuel today’s advances in semiconductor processes. Strid and Gleason’s wafer-level probe and subsequent probe card allowed engineers to accurately test devices, develop models for precise circuit simulations, and measure circuits before radio-frequency integrated circuits are packaged. This provides for minimal design iterations; drastically reduces product time-to-market; and lowers the cost of developing new chips for Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and cell phone applications. Their work is critical to test and measurement aspects of emerging technologies including 5G and energy-saving silicon-based optical transceivers for hyperscale datacenters.

An IEEE Life Senior Member, Strid retired from the Board of Directors of Cascade Microtech in 2016 and currently resides in White Salmon, WA. USA.