Edmund Harry Cooke-Yarborough


Edmund Harry Cooke-Yarborough
Campsall, Yorkshire, England


Edmund Harry Cooke-Yarborough (IRE Member, 1945) was born at the village of Campsall near Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, on 25 December 1918. He was educated at Candord School and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he received the M.A. degree in physics, in 1944.

In 1940, Cooke-Yarborough joined the Telecommunications Research Establishment at Dundee, and moved with the Establishment, first to Swanage and then to Malvern, where he worked on airborne radar and radar countermeasures during World War II and on weapon guidance and nuclear instrumentation after the war. In 1949, he joined the Electronics Division of the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, and became Head of the Electronics Division, in 1957.

Cooke-Yarborough was of Member of the IRE and the IEE, and a Fellow of he Institute of Physics.