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Clark A. Hamilton
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IEEE-USA Electrotechnology Transfer Award


Dr. Clark A. Hamilton, president and CEO of VMetrix, LLC in Boulder, Colorado, is the driving force behind the widespread adoption and use of the Josephson junction array voltage standard. His work has revolutionized the field of voltage calibration by bringing faster and more accurate voltage standard systems into the labs of end users. Through Dr. Hamilton's work, the standard became a robust superconductor integrated circuit containing about 20,000 Josephson junctions and remains the most complex superconducting circuit in practical use today. More recently, Dr. Hamilton has pursued a radically different ac Josephson voltage standard that is driven by a string of pulses, rather than by the precision frequency used for dc standards.

A Fellow of the IEEE and NIST, Dr. Hamilton's numerous honors include the IEEE-USA Electrotechnology Transfer Award, two U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medals and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories International William A. Wildhack Award.