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Charles E. Molnar
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Charles E. Molnar was born in 1935 and was a graduate of Rutgers University. Molnar went on to receive a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He later established the Institute for Biomedical Computing at Washington State University in St. Louis, Mo., USA.

As a young researcher at MIT's Lincoln laboratory, Dr. Molnar, along with Wesley A. Clark, lead a design team that produced the Laboratory Instrument Computer, or LINC. The machine, intended for doctors and medical researchers, was a forerunner of today's personal computers.

An endowed fellowship in honor of Dr. Molnar is being established which will be awarded each year to the outstanding entering graduate student in the Washington University Biological and Medical Engineering Program.

Molnar died December 13th, 1996, at his home in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA.