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Charles A. DeSoer
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Charles A. Desoer’s cutting-edge research and teaching has influenced generations of engineers and improved the use of electric circuits and systems. His work on the analytical foundations of circuit and system theory came at a time of explosive development in methods for the analysis and synthesis of complex circuits for the integrated-circuit industry. Dr. Desoer’s clear statement of what was analytically verifiable in control applications transformed an industry. With landmark textbooks—considered the most authoritative in the field of circuits, systems, and control—he presented methodologies now found in modern electronics and set systems theory within a firm and elegant conceptual framework. His work on linear and nonlinear circuits provided the growing integrated-circuit market with a needed foundation in nonlinear circuit analysis, simulation, and synthesis.

Dr. Desoer, who passed away on 1 November 2010, was an IEEE Life Fellow and an Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

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