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Carson W. Taylor
Carson W. Taylor
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An international expert in power system stability, Carson W. Taylor has made pivotal advancements in the area of power system performance and reliability. While with the Bonneville Power Administration, Taylor led many projects that improved system reliability and dynamics in the Western North American power system.

He is perhaps best known for the development and on-line demonstration in 2002–2005 of the Wide-Area voltage and stability Control System (WACS). WACS incorporates real-time sensors distributed throughout the power grid with global-positioning-satellite technology for high-speed automatic control of power-grid conditions to quickly stabilize problems before they can affect the rest of the grid.

Mr. Taylor is a distinguished member of CIGRE, one of the leading worldwide organizations on electric power systems, covering their technical, economic, environmental, organizational and regulatory aspects. He is an IEEE Life Fellow, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and has authored Power System Voltage Stability, which was the first book written on the subject.