Archives:Toward the 21st Century - Your IEEE in 1993



Produced in 1994

A report of the state of IEEE and its plans for the future

Hosted by:

  • Martha Sloan, 1993 President
  • J.T. "Tom" Cain, president-elect
  • Troy Nagle, 1994 President


  • John Powers, executive director
  • Lloyd "Pete" Morley, VP, Publication Activities
  • Phyllis Hall, Staff Executive - Publications
  • Wallace Read, VP, Standards Activities
  • Robert Alden, Chairman, Regional Activities
  • Kenneth Laker, VP, Educational Activities
  • Peter Lewis, Staff Dir., Educational Activities
  • Lewis Terman, Chairman, TAB Technical Meetings Council
  • Paul Cheung, Chairman, RAB/TAB Transnational Committee
  • Michael Sosa, Staff Director, Financial Services
  • Charles Alexander, VP, Professional Activities
  • Donald Bolle, VP, Technical Activities
  • Luis Gandia, 1993 VP, Regional Activities