Antonio C. Bastos


Antonio C. Bastos
Antonio C. Bastos
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Death date
IEEE Third Millennium Medal, RAB Williams Middleton Distinguished Service Award, IEEE Haraden Pratt Award


Antonio Bastos is an IEEE volunteer whose outstanding dedication and leadership has expanded IEEE’s recognition throughout South America and around the globe. Recognized for his distinguished service to the IEEE, he has served as a prominent leader in all levels of the organization who has inspired his colleagues to reach new heights in their professions.

An IEEE volunteer since 1972, Mr. Bastos was one of the founders of the IEEE Bahia Section in Brazil and has worked unceasingly since then to increase IEEE's reach in Latin America through conferences and other technical activities. In 1996, he was elected Region 9 Director where his key accomplishments included implementing a strategic planning process to revitalize the region’s management, establishing electronic communication among sections, expanding interaction with societies’ educational activities, creating leadership development programs and forming new sections, chapters and student branches.

Throughout his long career as an IEEE volunteer, Mr. Bastos served successfully in important IEEE leadership positions, including as Region 9 Director, IEEE Secretary, Regional Activities Vice-President; and Chair of the IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee. Additionally he served as a member of the IEEE Assembly and the Educational Activities Board, and the IEEE Foundation Board. Mr. Bastos is an example of a local volunteer in a remote section, who, through his service and leadership, progressed from a simple member to a distinguished IEEE leader.

A consulting engineer with Fundacao Norberto Odebrecht in Bahia, he is a career electric power engineer and engineering manager. His experience bridges planning, design and construction of power systems, as well as power distribution management and management of large organizations

An IEEE Senior Member, Mr. Bastos is the recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the RAB Williams Middleton Distinguished Service Award and several plaques and certificates recognizing his service to several IEEE units.

Mr. Bastos won the 2006 IEEE Haraden Pratt Award “For leadership and distinguished service in sustaining and extending IEEE’s global recognition.”

Bastos passed away on 3 March 2019.