Anthony George Constantinides


Anthony George Constantinides
Fields of study
Digital signal processing


Anthony George Constantinides pioneered the teaching of digital signal processing in the United Kingdom and established programs at other universities around the world. In 1970 he established the Signal Processing and Communications Research Group at Imperial College, London, U.K. The group soon became a major center of research and attracted a large number of international researchers. Hundreds of master’s students and over 130 doctoral students were directly supervised by Dr. Constantinides until his retirement in 2008; many went on to become leaders in industry and academia. He helped establish the Athens Institute of Technology and the Technical University of Cyprus, and he developed new courses and lecture notes for use by universities worldwide. Dr. Constantinides was instrumental in establishing the European Association for Signal Processing and was elected as its first president. In this capacity he helped establish a new journal and conference series in Europe focusing on the field.

An IEEE Life Fellow and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (U.K.), Dr. Constantinides is an Emeritus Professor with Imperial College in London.

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