Alda V. Bedford

Alda V. Bedford
Alda V. Bedford
Winters, TX, USA
Fields of study
IEEE Vladimir K. Zworykin Award


Alva V. Bedford (A'31, SM'46, F'50) was born in Winters, TX, on January 6, 1904. He received the BS degree in electrical engineerinf from the University of Texas in 1925 and the MS degree in electrical engineering from Union College in 1929. While at the University of Texas he spent one summer with the Dallas Power and Light Company.

In 1925, Mr. Bedford joined the General Electric Company, starting in the general engineering laboratory and later transferring to the testing department and the research laboratories, working on sound recording by film and disk, audio frequency amplifiers, sound printers for film and television. Since 1929, he has been employed in the RCA Laboratories, first on disk sound recording and then on television. He received a "Modern Pioneer" award from the National Association of Mnaufacturers in February, 1940, for inventions in television. In 1949, he received an RCA Laboratories award for "his concept of the by-passed mixed-highs principle in color television".

The Institute of Radio Engineers awarded Bedford with the Vladimir K. Zworykin Award in 1954 "For his contributions to the principle of mixed highs and its application to color television."