Albert G. Greenberg


Albert G. Greenberg
Albert G. Greenberg
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AT&T, Microsoft
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A visionary computer-networking expert, Albert G. Greenberg has revolutionized how industry designs and operates large-scale backbone and data-center networks critical to today’s “cloud” services and other applications. Dr. Greenberg’s “fair queuing” scheduling algorithm helped transform AT&T from a voice- to an Internet Protocol-services company. He was instrumental in creating tools for network tomography and Internet Protocol measurement, fault diagnosis, and network management now used in AT&T’s operational systems and networks. He then transformed data-center network operations at Microsoft with virtual networks that operate on shared infrastructures but behave like they are dedicated to individual customers. His VL2 architecture provides an 80-time improvement in cost, availability, and response time over existing designs and is the architecture of choice for Microsoft data-center networks, including Xbox, Bing, and Azure.

An IEEE Member, Dr. Greenberg is a Distinguished Engineer and director of Microsoft Azure, Redmond, WA, USA.