Oral-History:MIT Radiation Laboratory


MIT Radiation Laboratory Oral History Project

In the early 1990s, The IEEE history center conducted a series of Oral History Interviews to document the history of the World War II MIT Radiation Laboratory, commonly known as the "Rad Lab" This lab was the United States center for radar research during the period.

These Oral Histories, which are now posted on the GHN include:

Theodore Saad
Gerald Tape
Denis Robinson
Russell O’Neal
Louis Moose
Joan Leamy James
Kenneth Bainbridge
Henry Abajian
Royal Allaire
Howard Doolittle
Ivan Getting

Fred Heath
Ernest Pollard
Nathaniel Rochester
Samuel Seely
Chalmers Sherwin
Virginia Powell Strong
Jerome Wiesner
Catherine Scott
Ragnar Rollefson
Randal Robertson
Frank Lewis
Lee Davenport
Britton Chance
Milton Chaffee
Art Fong
Dorothy Gillette
Lawrence Johnston

Robert L. Kyhl
Benjamin Lax
Helen L. Thomas
Herbert G. Weiss
Leo Sullivan
Edward M. Purcell
Robert Pound
Kathryn and Charles Fowler
Edythe Baker