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Youssef A. El-Mansy
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A longtime trailblazer in the field of microprocessors, Dr. Youssef A. El-Mansy has led the way in developing innovative yet manufacturable technologies. Thanks to his pioneering leadership, first as group vice president and now as corporate vice president and director of logic technology development, Intel has risen to the top of its field and the semiconductor technology cycle has accelerated from three years to two. Since he joined Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon in 1979, Dr. El-Mansy has led the development of logic technology from the 1-micron through 0.065 micron generation. He is primarily responsible for the "copy exactly" methodology, which enables high-yielding production ramps of new semiconductor processes at multiple sites at unprecedented rates.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. El-Mansy has served the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) on numerous committees and currently serves on the EDS VLSI Symposia Executive Committee. He has published over 30 papers and is the 2013 co-recipient, along with Sunlin Chou, of the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal for "establishing a highly effective research-development manufacturing methodology that led to industry leadership in logic technology for advanced microprocessor products."