Young-Kai Chen


Young-Kai Chen
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Bell Labs
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Dr. Chen and his team at Bell Laboratories, demonstrated frequencies well beyond 100 GHz in indium phosphide based heterojunction bipolar transistors in 1988. This technology paved the way for the use of InP/GaInAs as a material system in wireless communications. Among his contributions to ultrafast devices is a groundbreaking, colliding pulse mode-locked semiconductor laser, which generates very short optical pulses. His team also pioneered integrated electro-absorption modulator/DFB lasers which are the workhorses of today’s fiber communications networks.

A Fellow of the IEEE, Dr. Chen holds 10 patents and has contributed to more than 100 papers. He is the recipient of the 1993 Young Scientist Award and Under-40 GaAs Medal from the 20th International GaAs and Related Compound Symposium. Dr. Chen is the director of High Speed Electronics Research at Bell Labs where he leads a group exploring high-speed electronics and optoelectronics for optic fiber communications networks.