William H. Bentley, Jr.


William H. Bentley, Jr.
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William H. Bentley, Jr. was a leader in the electrical insulation industry who was a founder and first managing editor of Electrical Insulation Magazine in 1985.

Bentley participated on many technical committees of the American Society for Testing and Materials. He helped standardize tubing and sleeving nationally, but also on the international stage through his involvement in the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association and the Insulating Materials Division along with the International Electrotechnical Commission.

His commitment to standardization led to leadership roles at the Electrical/Electronics Insulation Conference (EEIC) beginning in the 1960s. For his efforts, the EEIC named him to its Hall of Fame in 1983.

In creating Electrical Insulation Magazine, Bentley hoped to streamline the industry and create “a central clearinghouse for information on this subject.”

Further Reading

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