Werner Kroebel


Werner Kroebel
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Werner Kroebel was born in Berlin in 1904, and was recognized by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society with their Distinguished Technical Achievement Award for his research in marine technology.

Kroebel began his studies in Berlin, but moved to Göttingen in 1928 where he wrote his dissertation with Nobel Price winner James Franck, whom he assisted until 1933. Due to political developments in Germany, he gave up his academic career and switched to industry as the head of the TeKaDe television laboratory in Nuremberg. In 1938 he went to the Hagenuk company in Kiel, where he dealt with high-frequency technology. In 1942 he began research at the University of Kiel, and was able to continue his research despite the war ending. In 1946 he became the director of the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Kiel, which he headed until retirement in 1974. He continued to work scientifically at the institute, the oldest professor there, until his death in 2001. In these later years he revolutionized marine measurement technology, applying the latest options in electronics, for which his IEEE award was given to him in 1976.

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