Wang Jianzhou


Wang Jianzhou
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China Mobile Communications Corporation
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Wang Jianzhou not only has led China Mobile Communications Corporation to be the world’s largest telecommunications operator, but he has done so with a purpose of social responsibility for the benefit of China’s population. Serving as chief executive of China Mobile since 2004, Dr. Wang has driven the company to rank first among the world’s telecommunication operators in user base, network size, and market value. More than just a financial success story, Dr. Wang has instilled his commitment to social responsibility by providing extensive network coverage to China’s rural areas. Despite business analysts who thought opening up the rural market would be unprofitable, Dr. Wang has set an example of how business can strike a balance between financial performance and social responsibility. His visionary leadership has provided China with a mobile network that covers 99% of its population, including 77,000 remote villages. By bridging the digital gap between China’s urban and rural areas, Dr. Wang has improved the country’s infrastructure, stimulated the rural economy, and changed the livelihood of China’s farming population. The lives of those in the rural areas have been improved through access to up-to-date market and other important information via mobile communications, enabling them to make better-informed decisions. Also under Dr. Wang, China Mobile is the first telecommunications company in China to incorporate climate-change considerations in its corporate-level strategy, investing in energy-saving technologies such as an Internet Protocol-based network; smart power conservation by carrier frequency; and by shifting to wind, solar, and other sustainable energy sources.

Dr. Wang is currently Chairman of China Mobile Communications Corporation in Beijing, China.