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Virginia Travers
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The ground-breaking work of computer scientists Michael Brescia, Robert Hinden, Alan Sheltzer and Virginia Travers in Internet router technology, led to the creation of today’s Internet, as well as the design and development of Internet gateway protocols and packet forwarding and monitoring software. Messrs. Brescia, Hinden and Ms. Travers are considered to be central figures in early router implementations and key contributors to the evolution of the Internet.

Ms. Travers joined BBN in 1975, where she specialized in the design and implementation of software for the first Internet routers. She was responsible for the installation of routers in London, Oslo and Palo Alto, Calif. that connected the ARPANET with satellite and packet radio networks to form the early Internet. The author of numerous papers on routers, Ms. Travers was acknowledged by Stanford University, Calif. for her early contributions to the Internet, and she had her name included in its “Birth of the Internet” plaque. Ms. Travers is an IEEE Member. She holds a bachelor’s in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.