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19 Mar 2014 I found this page while doing a google search for 'ieee tulsa'. It's one of the top hits. I corrected a broken link to the section's website and used the URL redirection subdomain of which points to Tulsa's webinabox site. I also noticed that one of Tulsa's early AIEE chairmen was H P Dougherty. Could this be the same H P Dougherty who was one of the first chairmen of the St. Louis Section? It most likely was. The 1940 federal census shows an H Dougherty, 4yrs college, maintenance supervisor, Telephone industry, b abt 1902, m Alice, living in Tulsa OK. In 1930 he is living in Oklahoma City with wife Alice where he was Plant Chief for the Telephone Co. He was a grad of Texas A&M class of 1922. Being a telephone company engineer it is possible he was transferred to St. Louis in time to be an early chairman of IEEE St. Louis Section. According to a Dougherty family tree he was b 14 Feb 1901, d 13 Dec 1969. He is buried with his wife Alice in Resurrection Cemetery in Oklahoma City.

Hjp3 (talkcontribs)

Mystery solved. Harry and Alice had a son also named H Patrick Dougherty. The son was also an electrical engineer but worked in St. Louis for Union Electric Co. He is the person who was chairman of the St. Louis section of IEEE. The key is the 1954 AIEE directory which lists both Harry Patrick Dougherty of Oklahoma City, and Harry Patrick. Dougherty Jr. of St. Louis. Many thanks to Sheldon for digging this out of the dusty archives and to Nathan for pointing it out. According to census records and genealogical data at, Harry Jr was born 16 Nov 1925 in Oklahoma City, OK. He married Margaret Louise O'Brian in 1949. He died 12 Jan 1970 in St. Louis MO. Harry and Margaret had four children.

IEEE St. Louis Section History

Hjp3 (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure what 'user talk' is, it doesn't seem to be covered in Help. Consequently I'm going to use it for off-page discussion of St. Louis Section history, notes, rambling, etc until I hear otherwise.

Administrator1 (talkcontribs)

Hi Hardy,

User talk is the discussion on your userpage. Feel free to use it for anything you like (notes, rambling, opinions, whatever).

We'll take a look into Dougherty and see if we can't find anything definite. Like you said, its likely it was the same person.

- Nathan

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