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With respect to a personal biography, please go to the following Internet links for a quick and easy assimilation of a portion of much data regarding information available publicly on myself, Richard Warren Lipack.

I am a published author and historian with a published book (historic account) held by major university libraries worldwide, including Harvard and Cornell Universities.

As an international arts and antiques dealer for well over 40 years, I have had the unique opportunity to handle the corporate and private document holdings of Thomas A. Edison early in my career. A discussion written by myself that came from this activity can be found on file in the Corning Glass Museum;

Later on, I discovered and brought to light the very letter Edison wrote on the day he invented the light bulb, discussing his work then being conducted on said electric lamp.

Prior to this effort, my expertise as a photographic art historian was acknowledged by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who I suppled with important historical photographs for their collection. My name is listed under "Provenance." Here are some samples of the many Internet links pertaining to assistance I provided to the Met as found on the Museum's site;

Here is a link showing myself with Clive Epstein, when research was begun for the book I wrote now in Harvard and Cornell Universities.

Herewith follows is a link to a Wall Street Journal story, which became an "Editor's Pick" and made the cover on December 28, 2012 - discussing one of my historical finds;

Here is a link to a story with a different slant that the London Daily Mail ran after the Wall Street Journal came out;

Here is a link to a German story illustrated with the historic Coca-Cola photograph for which I am given credit - that preceded the Wall Street Journal story by 10 months.

Here is a link using another Coca-Cola related image I recently found, used to illustrate a piece on iconic 'Air Force One' designer Raymond Loewy, for which I am given credit as well;

Also please find a Internet link to a story on my recent 'discovery' of William Fothergill Cooke's (the Cooke of "Cooke and Wheatstone") original manuscript journal from 1836-1842, which I would like to share with members of IEEE;

Further details can be found at;

And support documentation can be found at;