Armin H. Frei

Dr. Ing. ETH


CH-8804 Au


My professional interest had always been science and technology and all this during a period of time where electronics, solid state physics, computers and comunication technology where encountering dramatic hubs. I always tried to stay close to the base, my  most "administrativ position" was department head with about 20 professionals, most of them with PhD. The listing of assignments is as follows:

1952 - 1959 ETH Zürich, PhD in technical sciences

1959 - 1961 RCA David Sarnoff Research Lab. Princeton, NJ USA, Semiconductor Devices

1961 - 1963 Varian Associates Central Research Lab. Mountain View, Cal USA, Semiconductor Devices

1963 - 1967 Centre Electronique Horloger, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Electronic Watches

1967 - 1992 IBM Research Laboratoy Rüschlikon, Switzerland, Comunication Systems and Technology, Computing

My private interests (were) are: Mountain climbing, History of science, History of  Occident

The history of time and timekeeping are most fascinating - I had the previlege to participate and contribute in two small segments of time keeping, atomic clocks and electronic wrist watches.   - Fourty years later I investigated into the chronology of the development of the first quartz wrist watch - I like to share my First Hand Findings on that topic with you.