Tsu-Jae King Liu


Tsu-Jae King Liu
Tsu-Jae King Liu
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University of California
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IEEE Founders Medal


Tsu-Jae King Liu has helped pave the way for continued transistor miniaturization to improve the functionality and cost of electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and netbooks. Dr. Liu co-developed the FinFET multigate transistor with Chenming Hu and Jeffrey Bokor at the University of California, Berkeley. This advanced transistor structure has been established as a solution to the challenge of scaling CMOS transistors to the sub-20 nanometer regime. Her group was the first to demonstrate the benefits of fin-sidewall surface treatments for improved FinFET performance and reliability, and it was the first to demonstrate FinFETs with high-permittivity gate dielectric and metal gates for improved scalability and a tunable-work-function gate technology for threshold-voltage adjustment. Dr. Liu also performed a seminal study on polycrystalline silicon-germanium films, and demonstrated their advantages for applications as a tunable-work-function gate material with reduced gate depletion effect for CMOS devices and as a low-thermal-budget material for fabrication of high-performance thin-film transistors and MEMS devices.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Liu is currently the Conexant Systems Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.