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Tomlinson Holman
Tomlinson Holman
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Tomlinson Holman is an innovator, inventor and teacher in the field of audio design engineering. Best known for his work in developing the THX Sound System, Home THX, and the THX Digital Mastering program, patented audio design systems that introduced realistic sound playback.

THX is a baseline set of standards designed to dramatically improve an audience’s cinema experience by eliminating background noise, enhancing image quality and projection, improving room acoustics and utilizing THX-approved equipment for optimal sound reproduction. He was also a leading contributor in developing the 5.1 surround sound system, an entertainment audio standard. He is currently working on its next generation – the 10.2 surround sound.

Mr. Holman has been a member of the IEEE for the past 32 years, and is an accomplished author and recognized expert. In addition, he has received six U. S. and many corresponding foreign patents. Of the numerous awards he’s been given, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized his work on THX by awarding him one of the two Technical Achievement Awards granted in 2001.